Lump on a log (… I mean couch)

Toronto’s most recent winter was miserable and disgusting.  It was cold and snowy and brought back bad memories of Saskatchewan winters. I’m a couch potato at heart and even on the nicest days I love watching netflix sprawled on the couch. This winter I stooped to new lows and transformed into a pretty fantastic lump on the couch.

The good news is that winter is officially gone, summer is here and I am EXCITED!

Summer means bare legs, shorts, dresses and the beach – yah!  But first I have to stop being a lump and get back into shape.


1 of 2 pairs of new runners.

I’ve been going to the gym off an on since January, but with no real regularity. I kept letting things get in the way and I stopped making time for exercise. I finally decided that this is not good enough! I want to make fitness a bigger priority in my life. I want to be in shape and stop talking about getting into shape.

Motivation is my weak spot and it is so easy to fall into the “I’m tired” trap. Friends of mine have expressed similar frustrations so I suggested we set up a friendly exercise competition. I had one taker, my friend Leon. We are both super competitive and love winning. There’s nothing like a bit of competition and reward to motivate someone to get off their ass.

The competition is simple…

1) we agreed to a time frame to test things out. We are starting with 1 month and have just agreed to a 2nd month.

2) We agreed to some basic rules about what activities can and can’t earn points.

3) Points are earned based on time – 1 hour of exercise equals 1 point.

3) Progress reports are sent every Monday.

4) At the end of the 4th week, the individual with the most points is declared the winner. The non-winner has to cook dinner for the winner.

So far the competition is working out and a third person has just agreed to join our little group – yah!  I also love that I’m feeling motivated to exercise again and that I am actually loving it.




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