Pot pies come in all shapes and sizes


One of the mini pot pies


Post egg wash – pre oven

When I was in Vancouver my sister-in-law introduced me to an amazing new recipe, something sooo utterly delicious that I’ll be making it and variations on it for years to come.

The dish is Pancetta, White Bean and Chard Pot Pie from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. The recipe can also be found on the SK blog… so look no further than this link for all the delicious details.

The recipe was a bit time consuming, although not overly difficult. Here are a few reasons why I loved this dish and why I think that you should make it.

(1) it made a lot and you had the flexibility to make small (individual size) pots, or 1 or 2 larger ones. We did both, which was great for leftovers.

(2) The flavours were also amazing, just watch the salt… pancetta can be salty, so keep this in mind when you’re buying stock and look for the no salt added version.

(3) The crust included sour cream and butter, which made it f***king delicious!

(4) The recipe lends itself to substitutions or additions. The next time I make it, I’ll be adding some chicken for extra protein… and let’s be honest, who isn’t a sucker for a chicken pot pie.

I’m terrible at taking process photos – so if you are looking for gorgeous food pics – look no further than the SK blog.


Tip: Always review a recipe a few times before you start to avoid mistakes.


2 thoughts on “Pot pies come in all shapes and sizes

  1. I looked at the link to the recipe in your blog above….and there is a picture of Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs at the bottom of it! I wonder if that means that people who like Easter Creme Eggs generally like this recipe?

    • First off… who doesn’t LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs?!?!?! The dish is sooo tasty and would be massively complimented with a creme egg for dessert 🙂

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