Getting ready to strike

I work for the Ontario Government and my union is getting closer and closer to going on strike. We are not a union with a strong history of striking…  coworkers with 20+ years of service have never experienced it… so this is big.

I won’t bore you with the why, but I promise if we go on strike, I will try to make my posts as interesting and entertaining as possible. Regardless if it happens, I need to start planning ahead and getting prepared.

One thing I know for certain is that I’ll have to dip into my savings.  Strike pay wouldn’t cover my monthly mortgage or condo fees, let alone other bills and food. If the inevitable happens, my goal is to minimize how much I dip into my savings. Typical budgeting and cost cutting measures will apply, but I may need to be a bit more drastic.

If this happens, I’m luckier than most in that I don’t have to worry about feeding / paying for a family and I can walk to work which is a huge cost savings. Some of my colleagues commute long distances to work at a significant daily, weekly, monthly cost.

The 3 obvious things I’ll be doing will be to:

1. Picket on a daily basis to qualify for strike pay.

2. Start saving money now.

3. Cut spending and cook low cost meals from scratch.

This isn’t rocket science, but I imagine that implementation could get interesting.

One thing I’m looking to do is start stockpiling cheap and tasty recipes. I hope this will prevent weird meals of beans on toast or egg in a whole (although right now that sounds kind of tasty). If you have any recipes that fit the bill, send ’em my way.  Every little bit will help.



2 thoughts on “Getting ready to strike

  1. looking back to our days of no money – here are my thoughts. Oatmeal in the morning…. get it ready to cook the night before, wake up, push a few buttons and it is ready when you are. Cabbage – cheap, cheap vegetable…. No lettuce for you unless you grow it….we ate lots of cabbage salads. Make a huge batch of cabbage rolls, I can give you my recipe. They will last you a long time. Beans – make a lot of curried chickpeas… can even soak the dried chickpeas yourself to save even more money. The only treat you can have is popcorn you pop yourself and not microwaved… Treat this as a challenge!! good thing you aren’t smoking!! Love mom.

  2. You will find plenty of Frugal blogs in blogland to help you and if you have time on your hands not working you will have more time to cook from scratch and freeze. Are you striking in the new job you have just got?

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