Eating / Lent

I want a DONUT!!!!

It’s the 12th day of lent and I’m hitting a wall.  All I want to do is surround myself with sugar and stuff my face with sweet treats until I’m sick. I can’t stop thinking about cadbury creme eggs, ju-jubes, ice cream, mars bars, coke, cake and donuts. In a perfect world all of those foods would be part of dinner tonight.

Until today, the no sugar thing hasn’t been that hard. I think my body has appreciated the break from my 2 biggest vices… sugar and smoking. Or maybe I just had it confused. Perhaps I gave up too much? So much so that my body and brain was in shock and is only now realizing the lack of sugar. Is my body and brain trying to trick me to succumb to my cravings?

I won’t do it!  I can’t do it! I won’t give in. If I’ve lasted this long without smoking, which should be harder, that I can keep going. I only have 35 more days to go. In the grand scheme of things that’s peanuts.


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