Winter in Regina

As usual I spent my Christmas vacation in Regina, Saskatchewan with my family. It’s always a great time and this year we were all surprised by some amazing weather. Last year, the temperature held pretty steady at -30 celsius, but this year we were blessed with beautiful weather around 0 celsius.

Here are some very wintery photos from my trip.

IMG_8043 IMG_8042 IMG_8003 IMG_8014


4 thoughts on “Winter in Regina

  1. I like the ariel shot – what kind of countryside is it beyond the edge of the city? I must confess I had to google the place to find out where it is – my geography not being all that good on Canada. I had never realised until I saw it on google what a grid system America and Canada are in respect of most of the state boundaries – so different to our county boundaries here which are extremely squiggly in nature.

    • It’s mostly farmland outside the city and the squiggly lines that look like works are valleys. It’s very very flat but because of that you get some amazing sunsets. Our slogan is ‘land of the living skies’. No worries from a geography standpoint… I would have to google your locale as well 🙂

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