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Detroit I LOVE You!

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Detroit….  and WOW!
I’ve written about my fascination with rust belt cities before… most recently my trip to Cleveland, but Detroit has left an impression on me unmatched by other cities. I’m still processing the trip (we saw crazy stuff) but right now all I can think about is … when can I go back?
There is too much to cover in 1 post, so I thought I would do my first Detroit post about food and drink, although it might be more accurate to call it booze and food.  
Our first and only dinner was at Green Dot Stables. At first we tried to to Slow BarBQ (recommended by the New York Times)…. but we weren’t willing to wait 3 hours for a table. The food at Green Dot was really good – lots of little dishes (mostly different types of sliders). We had a great time and I would go back in a heartbeat. 
Beer in Detroit is ridiculously cheap. $2 to $3 bottles of beer… including craft beer seems like the norm. You just don’t get these prices in Toronto even for crap beer and finding craft beer for less than $7 is difficult. At dinner we all drank Fat Tire Amber Ale which was delicious. 
The next adventure was Donovan’s – a dive bar in Corktown. We had a list of dive bars to choose from (based on extensive pre-trip research)but this one was recommended by our waiter and within walking distance of the restaurant – a winner in our books. We weren’t exactly sure what we had found when we first walked in as we increased the patrons by 150%, but we had a great time. Randy the Saturday bartender was awesome and we met a few locals…  a great time was had by all.  IMG_7507
If you need some sustenance after a night of drinking cheap beer. I highly suggest you find an establishment selling Coney Island hot dogs. We ended up at American Coney Island where I had the most delicious chili cheese fries.
Before I end this post – I need to do a shout out to Motor City Brewing Works. Pauline and Al both tried the IPA at Donovan’s and thought it was excellent… so before leaving the city we made a stop at the brewery to buy growlers. Each growler (as seen below) was only $12….. crazy ridiculous.

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