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My obsession with …

If you thought this post was going to be a list or rant about my new obsessions, I apologize in advance for leading you astray. This post is all about my obsession with using ‘…’, which I feel was very clearly communicated in the title 🙂

I was looking back on titles of old blog posts and realized that ‘…’ is a frequent visitor. I also noticed that I use ‘…’ in text messages, letters, my journal, emails… I use them everywhere.

If anyone has a grammar obsession or just a plain old commitment to good sentence structure, I’m sure my writing must drive you crazy.

Why do I use ‘…’? I’ve realized over the past year or so that I write the way I think / talk and when I pause and then change direction slightly I mark it with a ‘…’.

I thought about ending this post with a commitment or a promise to stop using ‘…’ , but I realize now what a vital component of my writing it is and I think it’s here to stay.


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