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If you can’t travel….

Traveling was not in the cards this summer. Getting through July and August has been tough, especially considering I usually spend a big chunk of my summers traveling. Last year I spent 6 weeks in Italy and the summer before Istanbul and Italy.

But this year, among other changes, I bought a place and most of my spare cash has gone towards house stuff… and if I’m really honest… eating out – eek!.

Sooo….. my new mantra is that if I can’t travel I can pretend I’m a tourist.  These past few weeks I’ve tried to do something touristy every week. Not exactly tourist activities, but things I love doing when I’m traveling, but often don’t do when I’m at home.

Mainly I’ve been on a bit of an art binge. One of my favourite activities when I travel is going to see different contemporary art galleries / museums. So in the past few weeks I’ve seen 3 shows… and tried to see a 4th but the gallery was closed for install.

Harbourfront Centre
IMG_6560 cab144fe0ddf11e38b8322000a1f92ef_7
AGO – Ai Weiwei
08989c8a0c0611e3a52022000a1f9e5e_76e866d200c4111e3a17a22000a1fd129_7 d4a12bda0c0611e3af2822000ab6843e_7 34f8e2fe0c4111e3a6b822000aeb0b89_7

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