I am grateful for…

It is so easy in life to focus on ‘the negative’…. everything that is wrong.  When I find myself doing this, I realize that it is not unusual that I feel tired, sad and depressed.  Sometimes it’s about making a conscious decision not to live life this way. So here is to the power of positive thinking and the positive effects it can have on my life.

I am grateful for…..

  • My family who supports and loves me no matter what I am going through, no matter how crazy I get and even when I don’t call or email for weeks on end. 
  • My amazing friends who keep me focussed, put up with my bad habits and are not above distracting me with embarrassing stories, booze, dance parties and late night trips for coffee or frozen yoghurt.
  • The people in my life who have listened to me on many occasions repeating myself like a broken record.
  • My new home filled with light and crazy amounts of storage space …. although it would be even better if it had a self cleaning mechanism.
  • Not having to ever deal with landlords again.
  • My blog… which has been an amazing creative outlet over the past year and a half.
  • The person who convinced me to start writing a blog and always encourage me to keep at it even when I didn’t want to any more.
  • Having the strength to cry when I need to and then stop when it gets ridiculous.
  • Everyone that has been a part of my past, are a part of my present and will be part of my future. No matter what the experience, I have and hope to learn a lot from them all.
  • Realizing that I am a strong woman who can get through just about anything…. although it doesn’t mean I enjoy the process, but at my core I am built to survive.
  • My therapist who keeps me on track and never thinks I’m crazy…. although personally I think the verdict is out on that one.
  • Being able to whip up a batch of home made brownies or cookies at a moments notice to deal with sugar cravings.
  • Running when I need to and not beating myself up when I don’t want to.
  • Laughter… the big kind… the type that you can’t hold in and that erupts from my body like a bullet.
  • Catching the eye of a good looking man and receiving a smile in return.
  • Clean sheets, sunny days, 80’s movies, rhubarb, HBO, tulips, white walls, espresso, feeling sore after a workout, high ceilings, basset hounds, the beach, a clean house, margaritas and star trek next generation (esp. Patrick Stewart).

A friend gave me some good advice the other day. Every night before you go to sleep focus on one thing you are grateful for. It will help bring peace to your sleep.

I am looking forward to seeing my list grow.


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