If you could do anything….

Sometimes life is tough and filled with emotions. Sometimes I lose focus and feeling depressed and lonely is not unheard of… but I am trying to get some focus and sanity back in my life. I want the happy face that I put on for others to really be how I feel. What better way than to start a list of things I want to do this year…. from crazy to the mundane.

  • go skydiving
  • spend time in the desert
  • go camping
  • get rid of bad habits (one in particular)
  • buy a new bike
  • visit my friend Jo in Ireland
  • take a trip (something exciting is in the works)
  • see a psychic
  • let things go that I can’t control or change
  • resume my Italian lessons
  • go dancing at least once a month
  • learn to play the cello
  • love myself again (yes, I am serious) and realize that I can find love again
  • do something crazy and totally out of my comfort zone




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