The big move!

After weeks of dealing with lawyers, mortgage brokers, the bank, movers and landlords….. I am finally in my new place. In the end packing drove me crazy, but it’s over and I’m ecstatic. It has only been 7 days, but my new space already feels like home. Not to mention my new bed is ridiculously comfortable and having AC is a godsend when it gets over +30.

The move went smoother than I thought. Hiring movers was the best decision I made. It gave me time to enjoy the day, starting with a coffee at my favorite spot in Roncesvalles, Cherry Bomb Cafe.

IMG_6169IMG_6232Settling in is taking some time… I still have boxes all over the place, but I’m hoping to get a ton of work done this weekend. The next challenge is buying a few pieces of furniture for my new place. I need to buy stools, a dining room table and a coffee table. Hoping I can find some great stuff that won’t break my bank account.

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