I love you Cleveland!!

I LOVE Cleveland!

Wow! What a relief to get that off my chest. I was starting to feel guilty loving Cleveland and living in Toronto…. but now that my love affair is out in the open, I can relax and no longer live in fear of getting caught.

My love affair with Cleveland started 7 years ago. Before then it had never occurred to me to go there, but it was immediately on my radar when my sister announced that she was moving their for school. My sister and her family have lived their on-and-off ever since and I have visited whenever I could.

Why do I love Cleveland? Let me count the ways…..

  • It is filled with amazing neighbourhoods like Tremont, Shaker Heights and Little Italy
  • The food is delicious and always surpasses my expectations for fresh and local – new favorites include Parallax, Lolita, Algebra Tea House, L’Albatross, Lucky’s Cafe and Prestis Bakery
  • The art is world class – Cleveland Museum of Art and MOCA
  • The markets always leave me salivating and wanting to experiment in the kitchen – Shaker Heights Farmer’s Market (Saturdays) and the Westside Market
  • It is an old industrial city and I’ve always been a sucker for rust belt belt cities and industry – from the worker’s houses, old factories, warehouse buildings and industrial remnants
  • The people are super friendly
  • It has the most amazing used bookstore I have ever visited… I never pass up an opportunity to visit Loganberry Books and explore the rooms and rooms of books
  • It has one of the best Symphonies in North America

These are just some of the reasons why I love Cleveland and I hope you’ll think about adding it to your “cities to visit” list. One quick tip…. take or rent a car. While the transit is getting better and better,  some of the neighbourhoods are quite spread out and you’ll see more and have more fun if you can zip around at your leisure.


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