Life as a blonde


It seems kind of silly to be writing about this, but people keeping asking me if “blondes have more fun”. My standard response is to say yes, smile and laugh.

Last month I took the advice of my hairdresser, the very talented Karen Vu at Vidal Sassoon, and went platinum blonde (colour by Christine). We had talked about it before… and knowing what I know now, I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner because I LOVE it!

The funniest things keep happening to me now that I’m blonde. The other day I was heading into the subway and was approached by a homeless man for money. I told him I didn’t have any change. He wished me a good evening and then proceeded to tell me that he loved my hair. The following day a man in his 60’s or 70’s wearing all denim stopped me on the street and told me that I looked like $1 Million bucks, then he took it back and said no, $10 Million.

Before I end this tirade of stories that are bound to make me sound self-centered, full of myself and stuck- up (hahah)… I have one more. Last month, I was out with friends for my birthday when a guy came over to our table and introduced himself. He told me he was a portrait photographer and had noticed me from his table, loved my look and wanted to take my photos (if I was interested). My favorite line was “I am not trying to pick you up and I don’t shoot porn”. He gave me his info, told me to check out his website and get in touch if I was interested. Needless to say, I went for it. Why the hell not! What did I have to lose?!?!? Not to mention I thought he was kind of cute.

I’m not sure how long I will maintain the blonde, but it has been so much fun that I can’t see changing back to my boring brown any time soon. After everything that has happened this year it is nice to feel a spring in my step.

p.s. I had so much fun taking photos with Chris (the photographer). It seemed more like hanging out with a friend than a formal photo session.

Photo credit – Christopher Van Doorn


One thought on “Life as a blonde

  1. Homeless man, man in 60s or 70s and a potential porn photographer! Hmm – blondes do have more fun! (Stopping to think – a homeless man sees more people than most, so he is quite discerning, the older man has been around for a long time and knows style when he sees it, and the young photographer has a creative gift ) Couldn’t resist Adrienne – from your biggest supporter.

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