Getting ready to move

I feel like my head is full of to-do lists and ideas. I am moving in 6 to  7 weeks (exact date still to be determined) and there is so much to do. If I am not careful I am going to turn into a huge stress pot. I figured the best thing to do is start a list, figure out exactly what I’m dealing with and then go from there.

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3 thoughts on “Getting ready to move

  1. I always find changing your address on everything the time consuming part as you do not realise how many things there are till you start. Good luck with your move x

    • I know! I think there are still a few things I forgot to change when I moved a few years ago. I definitely need to start a list. I think I will also suck it up and pay the post office to forward my for a few months so I catch the straggler’s that I forgot about.

  2. Based on my recent move/condo purchase experience, I will do the following next time around:
    – absolutely, 100% paint BEFORE I moved in
    – hire a cleaner

    Things I’d do again:
    – suck it up and pay the extra $$ to Canada Post to have my mail forwarded as long as possible (companies don’t update their mailing lists as often as I thought)
    – use to source moving materials – GREAT customer service, delivery and pickup of boxes, eco friendly. They made moving (my most hated activity) slightly tolerable. It eliminated the need for boxes & packing tape.

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