New hair, new home…what’s next?

The news doesn’t stop at my new hair colour….

I recently took the plunge and bought a loft (eek, I’m so excited). I’ve been a renter for so long that the thought of living in my own home seems a bit crazy. When I made the decision to move, I couldn’t stomach the idea of looking for a new rental and getting stuck with crazy landlords. I examined my finances, asked my parents for advice and after careful consideration, I realized I could do it, I could buy.

Buying comes with its own hurdles and ones that I’ll have to get used to. First and foremost if something breaks it’s my problem. But the idea of choice and control is very appealing. For example, in the fall, my landlord replaced a bunch of light fixtures. I wasn’t at home during the installation and had no say in their selection. I remember coming home and dying of laughter… I found track lighting designed for a bathroom wall on the living room ceiling, a bedroom fixture in the kitchen, but the best was the flower shaped chandelier that now adorns my bedroom.

The other hurdle is going to be adjusting to my new financial situation and having less disposable income. I will not be house poor by any means, but if I want to continue to travel, eat out for dinner, drink nice wine and buy some new furniture I will have to be extra careful and start planning ahead.

In some respects the hard part is over. After seeing over 40 condos I finally found one that I love. Now I just have to get through the move and get my ass in gear and start purging and packing.

If anyone has any packing tips, let me know. I can use all the help I can get.


5 thoughts on “New hair, new home…what’s next?

  1. congrats! but ughhhh. packing. it sucks. the only tip i usually give people is keep your stuff that is on hangers, on the hangers. don’t take the stuff off just to hang it up later. it’s a waste of time. i’ll either fold it over on the hanger and put it in a box, or hang a rope in the backseat of my car from each of the hanger thingies and bam! instant car closet.

    i can’t wait to get out of the renting cycle too!

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