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Confession time…..

I admit it, I have been avoiding my blog. The very idea of writing this post, being honest about what is going on in my life has given me chills. But like many things in my life, it is time to focus on moving forward and getting back to things that make my happy.

Ok, here it is…..  I am single (ie. no longer engaged or planning a wedding).

The purpose of this post, my first foray back into writing, is not to obsess about the past, but to focus on my future. I assure you, under no circumstances will I turn my blog into a series of essays on “how to survive a break-up”.

All I will say on the matter is that the break-up was very difficult, heart breaking even and in many respects it still is. But, every day I feel more and more like myself and not the shell of a person I was a few months ago. Ok – confession time is over…. now for some of the good stuff.

I turned 33 earlier this month and so far it has been great.  One of the best decisions I made was changing my look. My hairdresser has been talking about taking me to platinum for a year or more, so I gave in and took the plunge. Here I am as a blonde…… I must say I am loving it. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!blondie


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