What I’m Reading Now

Last week I finished reading Jane Eyre and loved it. I will admit that I thought Mr. Rochester was a real ASS in the pages leading up to the wedding, but all was redeemed with the final section of the book. Not to worry, no spoilers here for the few of us left in the world not to have read this classic.

This week I have two things on the go. First on the list is Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter by Carmen Aguirre. I am speed reading this book for tomorrow at 5:30pm. I am seriously behind for my bookclub, considering this was picked back in June. So far I am really enjoying it. It appeals to my love of memoirs and biographies. If you enjoyed The Glass Castle or Half Broke Horses by Jeannete Walls, you will enjoy this book.


Secondly, I’m reading the newspaper, more specifically the Sunday New York Times. I subscribed on a whim a few weeks ago. Getting the newspaper and reading it over tea of coffee on a Sunday morning really appeals to my desire to hole up in the house on a cold winter day. Living in Toronto we could have subscribed to other local or Canadian National papers, but Chris and I both find the weekend editions of these papers lacking. I like a mix of news and entertainment and nothing beats the front section of the times for international news. I also love the New York Times Magazine, there is always something new and interesting inside, like last weeks article on jellyfish and aging.



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