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Vancouver Street Food

Wow! I have had some amazing street food in Vancouver since I arrived a few days ago. Seems like everywhere you go downtown there is a new food truck to check out. They even have an app to help you find them, this is especially useful as the trucks tend to move around a bit.

I was particularly impressed by the Feastro and Yolks truck.

For breakfast we had egg sandwiches at Yolks – amazing. Possibly the best breakfast out I’ve eaten in ages. The eggs were soft poached to perfection, the homemade dijon and hand carved ham were amazing. Even the coffee was good!

Then for lunch we had fish tacos at Feastro. I swear these were the best fish tacos I have ever consumed. The truck even has a smoker attached to the front – wow!

I hear that not all Vancouver food trucks are amazing, but the two we tried definitely made my list of amazing places to eat. I really wish Toronto had something similar.

If you are planning a trip to Vancouver sometime soon, download the Vancouver Street Food app and then add Feastro and Yolks to your list.


4 thoughts on “Vancouver Street Food

  1. You can’t beat street food!! The people working at them take so much pride in their stalls and food that it usually ends up tasting way better than if you had paid ten times the price in a restaurant!!

    • Agreed. The food I had at the trucks was better than anything I’ve eaten at a restaurant in a long time. The ingredients were super fresh and the flavor combinations were amazing. I wish I lived here so I could try more of the trucks, I guess it will have to wait until next time.

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