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Hipster Central

I used to think that Toronto was hipster central, but I think Vancouver is giving it a run for its money. People seem to be obsessed with either being a hipster or calling someone else one.

Case in point, my brother. Some people at his office call him a hipster. This is based on the fact that he wears hats (not ball caps, but real hats), he rides a bike (not a mountain bike), he listens to records, he’s into his condo’s community garden, and he doesn’t own a car but uses transit on a daily basis. In reality, my brother is more of an old man trapped in a young man’s body, than a hipster. I think the biggest thing that sets him apart are his clothes. He is in no way obsessed with skinny jeans or flannel shirts and his lack of a canvas backpack or a pair of ray ban wayfarer’s are a dead giveaway.

In Vancouver, hipsters seem to congregate at the thousands of independent coffee shops that exist. We went to a coffee shop in gastown the other day that was filled with them. I wish I had taken a picture, but sometimes large groups of hipsters make me nervous.



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