Sewing 101

I’m in Vancouver visiting family and having an amazing time. I have so many things to write about, so you’ll probably be hearing about the trip for awhile.

Last night my sister-in-law and I took a sewing class. I haven’t sewed since grade 9 Home Ec class.

The class was hosted by Spool of Thread on 15th ave. They have a whole series of classes which I would love to take if I lived here, especially the quilting for beginners class.

We made throw pillows. With a little direction and sewing tips, they were fairly easy to make and I think they look awesome. I especially love our fabric choice.

I think I will need to dig my sewing machine out when I get Toronto. I think it might be time to sew!








2 thoughts on “Sewing 101

  1. I love your fabric choice!!! I love to sew, but I’m self taught…I’ve been wanting to take some classes at the local craft store to kind of fill in the bits of info I still don’t really understand. It can’t hurt right?

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