I love you time change?!?!

It is with mixed emotions to report that I have a new love. A new soulmate, a new meant to be and it’s name is time change. Sorry  Chris.

Confession time. I start work at 9am and my commute time is roughly 30-35 minutes. I have scheduled my mornings down to a science so that I can get out of bed at 7:40-7:45 and still make it to work on time. It helps that I have really short hair and can shower in under 5 minutes.

But then time change happened and I am voluntarily getting out of bed at 6:15 – CRAZY!!!!. I had no idea what my work week could be like if I woke up at 6:15am.  Here’s a run down of my morning so far.

  • 6:15 wake up and get out of bed
  • 6:17 hop in the shower
  • 6:24 get out of shower and get dressed
  • 6:30 check email, facebook, wordpress
  • 6:40 get dressed
  • 6:42 make breakfast smoothie (click for recipe)
  • 6:44 do the dishes while the smoothie is in the blender
  • 6:50 do hair, put in contacts, makeup etc. etc.
  • 6:55 make coffee
  • 7:00 drink smoothie & coffee
  • 7:03 donated to my brother’s Movember campaign
  • 7:12 write a blog post
It’s only 7:15 and the world is my oyster. How is time change affecting your life?

3 thoughts on “I love you time change?!?!

  1. So far it’s been pretty good to me because I’ve gotten a lot more done on my days off because my motivation is to get everything done before it gets dark 🙂

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