I said yes to a dress

My mom was in town last weekend to help me find a wedding dress. She flew all the way from Regina, Saskatchewan to Toronto for a 2 day whirlwind trip. My mom is a trooper. We have always enjoyed shopping together and last weekend was no different.

We started our adventure at Mrs. Bridal in Toronto. They don’t normally open on Sundays, but they made an exception for me and my mom. If staff at White’s  is reading this, they should visit Mrs. Bridal and learn a thing or two about excellent customer service. Don’t get me wrong, White’s customer service isn’t terrible, it is quite good, but they do NOT go that extra mile, which I think is truly important when you are considering spending an arm and a leg on a dress.

We had a great time at Mrs.Bridal, the gowns are amazing and the selection is diverse. At 32 I’m wasn’t looking for a princess style ball gown, circa princess diana, so Mrs. Bridal was perfect, especially the Nicole Miller gowns. We tried on a few of the front runners, but in the end they just weren’t right.

After Mrs. Bridal our goals included lunch and shopping for  my mom. The weather, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, was pretty terrible but we didn’t let that ruin our day. In the end we ended up a Holt Renfrew for around 3 hours. Our intention was to browse and escape the rain before going to the Bay. 3 hours later I walked out with a wedding dress and my mom with an amazing black number to wear to a christmas party and maybe the wedding.

In the end I bought something non-traditional, but I love it! I also loved the price. I hate how once you tack the word “wedding” onto dress, the price increases astronomically. By choosing something non-traditional I ended up saving a wack of cash. The dress I bought, including the price I was quoted for some pretty significant alterations was less than 600% of what I was looking at spending on a wedding dress.

My message here for brides trying to contain the rising costs of planning a wedding – think outside the box. Not just for decorations or wedding invitations, but also for the dress. And if you live in Toronto or Vancouver, or wherever there is a Holt Renfrew, check it out. Even though it is a high end department store, you can still find a deal. The Sales Associate helping us was amazing, if you are at Holt Renfrew in Toronto ask for Joanie. I have hear to thank for my dress. She saw it on the floor, thought of me, made me try it on and summoned the tailor to talk about alterations. The customer service, her customer service, barred none.


3 thoughts on “I said yes to a dress

    • I’m happy too ant wait to see it. It sounds like you and your mom had a pretty special time love your tap shoes I think I want a pair.<3

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