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It’s really happening

I bought tap dancing shoes and oh my god are they fun to wear!

Now that I have them, I can’t understand why I didn’t buy a pair sooner. Why doesn’t everyone own tap shoes? Tap lessons or not, they are the coolest shoes that I own and they make the most fabulous sounds. Chris just told me that he is jealous of me. Secretly I think he wants a pair to wear around the house.

I thought buying tap shoes would be difficult, but it took all of 15 minutes. I tried on the 3 cheapest pairs, picked the ones that fit the best and were the most comfortable and voila! If only picking a wedding dress was this easy. 

3 thoughts on “It’s really happening

  1. They make such a cool sound when you are walking – I remember my first pair when I was only 6. I don’t practice tap now though – but my colleague at work and a friend both do both age 47 and 50. It is never too late! Enjoy your lessons.

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