Baking for Charity

A few months back I volunteered my baking skills for a charity silent auction at work. I offered a selection of home made cookies, butter tarts, brownies and cinnamon buns. I was worried that no one would bid on my item, but in the end my talents were auctioned off for $70. Woo hoo!

Over the past few weeks I have been baking here and there and making deliveries to my coworker. The next delivery is the final one and will include some of the more labour intensive items – butter tarts and cinnamon buns.

Making cinnamon buns is a whole day affair so I’ll save that for another day. For now I’ve just finished a batch of butter tarts.

The person I’m baking for has a son with nut allergies so I went the simple route and opted for a basic butter tart.

I found a good recipe on the Canadian Living Test Kitchen website – check it out here.

There were a few butter tarts that didn’t look good enough to give away, so I used those to do a taste test. I can assure you that the tarts are delicious. Sweet filling with a buttery flakey crust. I almost wish I wasn’t giving these away, they’d make a great treat with a big cup of coffee or a tea.


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