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Looking for life balance

I read a great post today by Melanie at Library Love about life balance, or lack of it while planning a wedding. Change a few details and the post could have been written about me.

I have been struggling lately to find some sort of balance as the wedding slowly takes over my life. If I’m not at work or meeting up with friends (which seems rare these days), my life has been taken over by the wedding – finalizing the guest list, talking to the caterer, looking for a dress, exercising, trimming the budget, adding things to the budget that I forgot about  (like wedding rings – doh!). I am starting to understand why people hire wedding planners…. although not sure how that would have fit into our budget.

And on top of all of that, add a bit of guilt. Guilt for ignoring my blog and for ignoring my family ( I am not sure when I last spoke to any of them – wedding emails don’t count).

Next week I will be consciously working to find more life balance where the wedding moves from priority number 1 to 5. Here’s hoping it will give me something interesting to blog about.


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