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With life back to normal… its time to reminisce

I’ve been home for exactly 10 days, but it feels like months. It’s crazy how fast life goes back to normal to the point that Italy seems like a dream. My one point of rebellion is my suitcase. It is still sitting on the bedroom floor half filled with trip treasures. I am giving myself until Friday to finish unpacking.

I miss a lot of things about my trip and traveling, the two big ones are the food and speaking Italian on a daily basis. The food I can’t do much about – I can try to recreate dishes or eat out at our favorite Italian haunts, but I can’t duplicate the fresh produce. No haters please, I love farmer’s markets and Ontario fruits and vegetables, but they are either very expensive or hard to find. In Italy, the grocery stores are filled with amazing fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, wines…. you name 98% of it is from Italy.

And then the Italian, I have taken to speaking to myself in Italian as I ride my bike back and forth to work. People must thing I’m absolutely crazy! I try to speak softly or stop when I hear another cyclist up close, but when I think I’m alone I’m talking at full volume. I refuse to lose everything I have learned, but it is hard when you have to search out opportunities – ie. Italian bike time. I am happy to report that I am starting Italian lessons again on Thursday.

I recently went through my photos… all 800 of them and found a few new favorites. Some of them are not amazing photos, but the memories they invoke are precious. In no particular order….

Two of the most fashionable ladies over 60 that I’ve ever seen. 
 One night I stumbled upon an open air cinema, I swear I did not time this photo
Highlight of our time in Torino… the Gallery of Modern Art
 Waiting out the rainstorm in Venice
 I love this statue…. and that it looks huge, but its only 1 foot high
 One of my favorite pavilions at the 2012 Venice Biennale of Architecture, that’s me in the blue
Venice, venice, venice

If you haven’t read all of my trip posts or seen all of the pictures, here is a recap from beginning to end.

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