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Reflecting on Venice

So Venice…..

I really had a good time, but I don’t think Venice is my city, the longer we were there the more I felt ‘relaxed Adrienne’ start to fade away.

Too many things were slightly annoying. First of all the bank machines – they hardly ever worked and they were super slow. I’m talking 5 minutes just to find out they didn’t like my card. The more we talked to other people the more we discovered that we weren’t
The only ones that had this problem. Be forewarned, if you are traveling to Venice take emergency cash and be prepared to use a credit card while you search for a machine that will work for you.

I don’t like crowds and I hate feeling trapped, so I quickly learned to avoid the tiny streets around the Rialto and San Marco square between the hours of 11 and 6.

We were traveling in a group and while I love everyone that we were with, waiting for people and trying to meet up with everyone was not always fun. I am one of those weird people who loves spending time by myself, I’ve even come to love eating meals by myself, so it was quickly apparent that I needed to either relax or do my own thing.

Lastly, the food. While we did find a few good meals and an amazing cafe with the best croissants, overall the food wasn’t great. Our biggest challenge in this area was out size. When we did find something small and great, al 8 of us wouldn’t fit. The best meals I had were by myself or in small groups. One amazing stand out was a place called ‘Al Bottegon’ in the Dosoduro neighbourhood. We went for chicheti (Italian tapas) and wine (house wine 1euro a glass). The food was fresh and delicious. I would highly recommend looking for this place the next time you’re in Venice.

So as not to end this post sounding negative, a few things that were great…
1.gotta love boat transit (buy a pass
and never look back).

2.alcohol in general is super cheap so don’t hesitate to drink a few Spritz’ or a glass of two of wine with lunch

3) explore the city at night when most of the tourists are in bed, it’s easier to navigate and beautiful.

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