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Long overdue

I keep meaning to post something, but then i get sidetracked and forget – whoops.

My time in Florence is almost up and i leave for the beach in 2 days. That also means seeing Chris, which I am super excited about.

Most of my Italian school friends leave tomorrow for their respective homes, so tonight we are getting together for a mini festa (party).

Here are some pics.

Street food truck at night.


Sampling craft beer in Lucca

Lucca – look closely at the tower. Yes, there are really trees growing from the top.

Lucca – View from the top of the tower.

Florence – Me at the Boboli Gardens

A night out with friends and sampling some amazing Tuscan white wines

View of the Arno at night

My favorite Italian Basset Hound, I see him every few days on my way to and from school – it’s love!!!



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