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How to stay sane in +39

I decided to take advantage of the weekend and no school by going to Bologna.

I was warned in advanced that Bologna in August can be very quiet. It was super quiet and it was here that I experienced the first signs of ‘Ferie’ stores and restaurants closing for holidays (the beach I think).

From what I saw, Bologna is a beautiful city. The covered walkways and colors of the buildings and roofs (reds, pinks and yellows) are splendid.

I must admit I mainly spent the day eating, shopping and exploring on foot. I thought about climbing one of the famous towers, but in +39 weather I didn’t think it was wise.

Here are a few tips in how to stay sane while exploring Italian cities in the scorching heat and sun.

1. Have a watermelon granita (Granita di Anguria) as often as possible. I swear that they taste like summer in a cup.


2. Walk in the shade. Because of the tiny streets and that most buildings are 3 to 4 stories, you can always find shade. In Bologna they also have covered walkways throughout most of the city. This is ingenious and great for all seasons.


3. Go shopping! Most larger stores have air conditioning and of course you can wander around at your leisure, just try not to spend so much.

4. Enjoy a refreshing glass of cold white wine or a bear with your lunch. I enjoyed a nice glass of Italian craft beer by a local producer Baladin – it was delicious and very refreshing.


5. Walk slow. Back home I’m one of those ‘fast’ walkers. But in Italy, especially when it’s hot, it is better to relax, enjoy the sites and sounds and walk slowly. I’m never in a hurry here and seriously the faster you walk the more tired and hot you will feel.

6. Find a beach or a pool. Most Italians in the city spend their weekends at the beach, lake or local pool. Today I plan to go to the local pool and relax while doing my homework. It is the nicest outdoor (public) pool that I have ever seen!!!!!! Let’s hope I can find a spot.


3 thoughts on “How to stay sane in +39

    • It was delicious and on tap no less. I thought it would be easier to find beer by Baldin and other craft beer. I’ve only seen it in one other place and it was super expensive. 15 euros for a glass :(. I will keep looking.

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