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T minus 3 days…

It’s hard to believe that I leave in 3 days (2 sleeps). I still have a bunch of things to do on my trip to do list, but I’m happy to say that I’m not feeling as stressed as I was last week. I think a slow and relaxing weekend was a huge factor in my shift in mood. I decided that it was time to take another look at my to do list and see what I have to do before I leave.

  • Talk to my bank and change my plan so that I don’t get dinged on international ATM withdrawals (with my current plan I think I get charged at least $5 + / withdrawal)
  • Contact the bank and credit card companies to notify them that I’ll be out of the country for 6 weeks
  • Talk to my cell phone provider about my options for international service – at a minimum I’d like to be able to use text messaging
  • Strategically plan out my travel wardrobe for carry on only (with space for new purchases!!!) (done – check out what I’m taking)
  • Collect addresses for post cards (if you want one, send me your info)
  • Start a Florence must see/do list
  • Investigate health/travel insurance options
  • Find/ buy travel sizes of everything (done)
  • Pick 1 or 2 books to take with me (done – check out my list)
  • Print off / photocopy my travel documents (in case of emergency) and leave them with a loved one
  • Study Italian and learn a new verb every day for the next 40 days before I leave  (not exactly, but I’ve been studying)
  • Buy a nice pair of sandals for everyday use that are both comfortable and fashionable
  • Buy more Euros (done – but I could always use more)

I’ve added a few things to do to my list – everything is related to me leaving, but not necessarily for the trip.

  • Leave instructions for the house sitter
  • Make keys for the house sitter
  • Pay bills
  • Clean the house as much as possible
  • Try to relax a bit
  • Spend as much time with Chris as possible
  • Buy a battery charger for the camera

2 thoughts on “T minus 3 days…

  1. Don’t forget to include on the end of your list – ‘Sit back and enjoy the trip’ and ‘Take lots of lovely pictures to post on my return’ – I feel like I have been preparing and counting down with you! If you don’t get to post again have a great time.

    Bon Voyage x

    • Thanks for the well wishes. I keep trying to remind myself to relax and enjoy the prep. I’m hoping to be able to post updates and pictures of my travels every few days.

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