Rain, a blessing and a curse

We have had weeks of hot weather and little rain. Well today it rained. Granted only a for a few minutes, but it was so nice. The house cooled down and the temperature dropped just a tad to be super comfortable.

About 5 minutes after it started I remember that I had clothes hanging outside to dry. Yesterday I went on a big hand washing spree and had a few dresses and shirts outside soaking up the sun. I immediately ran outside and tried to rescue everything – needless to say the clothes were soaked and the drying cycle begins again.

After the rain I had a bit of fun taking pictures of our flooded backyard.

Packing and getting ready for my trip continue.


One thought on “Rain, a blessing and a curse

  1. As you have had rain we have had our first taste of sun for weeks. Our days have been like your pictures – full of puddles everywhere. I rushed to put my washing out in the sun as you have rushed to bring yours in from the rain!!!

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