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8 more sleeps

I am starting to feel like a kid at christmas time counting down sleeps until Santa, but in this case my flight to florence.

I’ve been extremely delinquent in blogging these past few weeks, I swear I’ve been really busy. But I must admit, I’ve also been feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed about the trip. I have some amazing friends who have been helping me keep things in perspective and helping me realize that there is no point in getting stressed out.

Tonight I treated myself to a massage and I’m feeling great. Normally I like a zen massage – dark and quiet room and really strong hands, but with Adrienne (yes! we have the same name – very cool), I like to talk. We normally talk the whole time, catching up on each other lives. The whole thing was the perfect distraction from worrying about what I haven’t done to get ready for the trip.

I’m going to continue my relaxing evening by watching Rookie Blue, one of my guilty pleasures, and then heading to bed.

But before I do, here are some pics from the past week.

The first cherry tomatoes of the season – from our backyard. The tomato plant looks like its going to go crazy with tomatoes in a few weeks, so I’m glad that I was able to get a few before I leave for Italy.

Super fun birthday cake. I assure you that it was also super tasty.

My trip books all ready to go.

I’m on a big veggie smoothy kick. My sister introduced me to them when she was here last week. Chris thinks they are disgusting, but I swear, they are delicious and I’m hooked. If I have time I’ll write a proper post about them on the weekend.


2 thoughts on “8 more sleeps

  1. Seems like we share the same birthday month – hope you had a good day -love the cake- mine was on Thursday and I had meringues piled high with cream and fresh berries instead of a cake, made by daughter and her partner – no less fattening though! (Unfortunately forgot to take a picture!) Have a good trip – can’t wait to see your pics – take lots – Italy is wonderful.

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