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Like a Busy Bee

I feel like I’ve packed the equivalent of 4 days worth of stuff into 2.

Yesterday at lunch I went on my first book shopping excursion. I went to 3 used book stores close to my office and bought my first book for my trip. I was in a bit of a rush so I stuck to the mystery book section in each store. I was only able to find 1 book on my list, a mystery my Magdalen Nabb. I’m pretty excited about this purchase as it takes place in Florence.

After work I had Italian class and then headed back downtown to meet friends at an opening at the Design Exchange on the past 60 years of ballet. The place was packed, so instead of trying to fight our way around the exhibit, we mainly just chatted and enjoyed the free alcohol. Near the end of the night we were able to check out some of the tutu’s on display for the Tutu Project. Here are some of my favorites…

It was a fun night, but a late one and I felt it this morning.

Today was a busy day at work. At lunch I went with a coworker to see a jeweler about fixing a few things that I want to bring on the trip – check.

After work I went shopping with a friend to look for a new bathing suit, a slightly painful experience, but I found something I like and it’s over – check.

Came home to water the plants – check.

I have company arriving tomorrow and no idea when I’m going to get ready for them. I have a feeling that I’ll be rushing home at 5 to tidy the house and buy groceries.


2 thoughts on “Like a Busy Bee

    • I wish I could have spent more time wandering around – the details were crazy. There was also a tutu covered in paper cranes that was pretty cool.

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