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383km in 38 days

I am proud to say that I have clocked 383km on my bike in just 38 days – woo hoo!

I really thought that I was going to hate it, quit and take transit, but I am pleasantly surprised to say that I am loving it. I love that I can get to work faster on my bike than I can on transit, that I am starting my day with exercise and that I have more freedom after work.

I ended up taking transit to work this morning and I realized just how much I love riding my bike to and from work. Being packed into a subway car like sardines is not a pleasant way to start your morning.

Here are some lessons that I learned over the past 38 days…. (sadly most are common sense, but alluded me until I experienced them first hand).

  • Check you tire pressure on your way home from work. Arriving at work with your hands covered in grease after an emergency pit stop to fill up your tires is not a great way to start your work day.
  • Do NOT wear long dresses. I did this a few times and thought I could just tie them up. They kept coming un-tied, which was very awkward.
  • If you have any curl in your hair, cut it short prior to bicycle season or leave it long. Helmet hair sucks and it not attractive.
  • Do NOT attempt to wear short shirts/dresses or anything tight. You may inadvertently moon people (I am not sure if this ever actually happened, but there were a few days where I was concerned).
  • Remember to actually lock up your bike. I left work one night to find that I had locked my bike up to itself and not the bike rack. Thankfully there were so many bikes that no one noticed.
  •  Do NOT talk on your phone or listen to music while riding your bike. I personally have never done this, but I’ve seen some close calls that made my very uncomfortable.
  • Always  carry your lights with you. You never know when you might stay after work for drinks and ended up riding home in the dark. Riding with no lights sucks, especially if you chose to wear black that day.

I am not sure how much money I saved, but I do know that I have only used transit 3 times (for commuting) since May 29th when the biking challenge started.

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