BBQ season is upon us

One of the best parts of the summer are all of the BBQs. I love anything cooked on the BBQ – from burgers and ribs, to seafood to grilled vegetables – everything tastes better cooked on the BBQ.

The other day Chris and I had a hankering for burgers. These were the first burgers from scratch that I’ve made in years. I am not sure why we ever bought frozen burgers before, because homemade are 100 x better and way cheaper.  At the local butcher we bought 2 pounds of ground beef for $3, which in turn made 6 good sized burgers and 1 baby one.

No complaining the burgers were amazing. I took a left over burger for lunch the day and wrapped it in lettuce (instead of a bun) – very tasty. This is a great option for anyone who is gluten free or on a low carb diet.


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