Exploring the Brick Works

I love long weekends, especially summer long weekends.  It also doesn’t hurt that the weather this weekend is absolutely perfect – sunny and hot.

Yesterday we ventured out to the Evergreen Brick Works to see an exhibit that Chris is a part of – Move Transportation Expo. The Brick Works is a super interesting space – it used to be an old brick factory and is now a community environment centre. I’ve only been once before, so I was excited to go again.

Saturday’s are especially busy because of the farmer’s market and on such a nice day – we knew it would be packed.

I had a great time and really enjoyed the exhibit. It was really cool to see all of the different projects that explore the future of transportation in the City. I’d like to go again to take more time to read through the different projects.

Today should also be a great day – I’m hoping to make it to the pool for a quick dip and then we are off to watch the Euro Cup final with friends – Italy vs. Spain – should be an interesting match. If Italy wins, the city is going to be crazy.

Here are some pictures from yesterdays adventure

Quesadilla – Chris said it was so good that he’d want another on our way out 
Live music
Paella stand
Green wall
Basset Hound siting – I was super excited.
Move Transportation Expo
Supposedly Chris was the inspiration for this little guy
Life sized cut outs – gotta love them
Face the Facts

TV Chris and Real Chris in front of his group’s project
Lily pond out back
Self watering sculpture / fountain 

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