Speed Reading for Bookclub

I have book club on Thursday and I have barely started reading the book – eek! I realized last night that with 3 days to go I had better kick start my reading.

Last night I went to bed early to get in a good solid hour of reading, well I think I read maybe 5 pages and then fell asleep. So today I woke up early, made coffee, a bit of breakfast and read a bit more. I have a feeling that the next few days will be me stealing moments here and there to read.

Normally I wouldn’t feel as much pressure to finish a book club selection, but I am hosting this month. In this book club, hosting means picking the book and leading the discussion. At last months meeting, we spent close to 3 solid hours discussing the book – Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides – and it was awesome. I think I was in high school the last time I spent that much time talking about a book.

This month I picked the Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I am a huge Margaret Atwood fan and was curious to read this book as an adult. I read it years ago and remember liking it, but that is pretty much all I remember. Now that I am reading it again I am finding the details surprising – how could I have forgotten all of this?

So far I am really enjoying the read and not sure why it took me so long to jump in. It’s perhaps more interesting to ready now, being closer in age to the main character than I was back at 15.

So far I am at page 80 with just under 200 pages to go. Here’s hoping I can finish with time to spare, which I’ll need to come up with some good questions.

Quick interesting tidbit before I sign off – I am reading the same copy of the Handmaid’s Tale that I read over 15 years ago. I take this as a good sign that I truly loved the book 15 years ago, otherwise I’m not sure that I would have kept it for so long and transported it when I moved from Saskatchewan to Ontario.


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading for Bookclub

  1. I think you can fly through this one – it’s really interesting, but maybe it’s not her most thrilling book. If you’re into feminist-literature and future-literature than you’ll really like it. I love Atwood, if you haven’t read her poetry – read it, you will die – it’s fabulous and gruesome.

    GOOD LUCK! And PS. so jealous that you spent three hours talking about a book. BAH, I wish I had that kind of group.

    • I will definitely take a look at Atwood’s poetry. I love almost everything she does.

      I got really lucky with my book club. I’m in another one and all we do is chat, eat and drink. It’s a great time, but not really a book club.

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