My West Wing Obsession

I have a secret, well not so secret obsession with the West Wing – I think that it is by far one of the best TV shows ever made!

Before you get upset with me and stop reading my blog because of a difference of opinion, I am also a HUGE fan of The Wire, Rome, Deadwood and a few other HBO oldies.  The difference between these shows and the West Wing is that I tend to watch all 7 seasons of it at least twice a year. I’ve been doing this for the past few years ever since I purchased the entire season. When Chris sees it happening, he just rolls his eyes, sits down and watches a few episodes with me.

You’re thinking 7 seasons, 24 episodes a season, that’s a lot of TV. I totally agree! But before you pass judgement, you should realize that since I have seen the series more than once, I don’t feel the need to pay as much attention to it as a first time watcher might. I am more than happy to cook and/or clean with it on in the background, or fall asleep to it and even skip an episode here and there. The West Wing is sort of like an old friend. The kind you can hang out with for an afternoon and enjoy each others company without talking the whole time or doing something fancy.

I started watching it again the other night – mid season 1. I’m now into season 2 and time will tell if I watch the entire 7 seasons or stop after a few more disks. Either way, I love it and love having my old friend back for a visit.

2 thoughts on “My West Wing Obsession

  1. You have the series boxset too?! What’s neat is that the last season was basically written by people who went on and strategised Obama’s campaign. No mention of human kill lists, though . . ..

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