Day 158 – Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me

**Warning, this post might disturb or make some people squeamish, especially if you have a thing about bugs**

I came home tonight with the idea of doing a bit of house cleaning, tidying up and reading a book. Within 5 minutes of being home my whole evening changed. I picked up a shoe to put it away and found a “cockroach” ahhhhh.

First things first, I killed it. Then I scraped it into garbage and called Chris to freak out. I wish you could see my face as I type, even 2.5 hours later I’m seriously grossed out. I hate bugs! And in our apartment – Ahhhh! This was the biggest bug I’ve ever come into contact with and all I can see is EEEEEEEEEEK!

We have lived in this apartment for 2 years and for some reason the past 6 weeks have been hell! Maybe this is the universe telling me to get the fuck out of this apartment. Between renovation crap, landlord drama, the fence incident and now this. Seriously, I don’t think I can take anymore.  Oh and did I mention that we came back from New York to find that the kitchen sink is only giving off a trickle of water. It now takes close to 45 minutes to fill the sink to a usable level.

For the past 2.5 hours I have been on my hands and knees scrubbing the house from floor to ceiling and I’m still not done. I plan to seal off all of the vents and clean every nook and cranny before bed.

p.s. energy saving be damned, lights are my new best friend.

What do you think? Move or stick it out?


2 thoughts on “Day 158 – Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me

  1. It would seem that something is saying ‘move’ very loudly!!! As it is already on your mind to move then I think you will start to feel that it is too difficult to cope with all the unfortunate things that are happening at your place at the moment and eventually you do reach the ‘last straw’ feeling. If it was your dream home and you had just moved in maybe you would have a different take on your problems and feel more like it was worth trying to overcome them. Our Scottish cottage is always fraught with problems but because we love it so much we do manage to overcome them – that doesn’t mean to say I haven’t been close to phoning an estate agent once or twice to put up a For Sale board! Over the last few years we have had to deal with various infestations of bugs at both our house and cottage and in both my daughters places. We have dealt with Bird mites from a birds nest in the eves, Furniture mites (from Ikea furniture), Pigeons in a loft space in an adjoining house causing the woolly bear moth to invade my daughters flat, silver fish in my other daughters pantry of her new but old house and fleas (left behind by the dog that used to live in our cottage) and all I can say is that we have freaked out at the time and it was horrible and time consuming chasing creepy crawlies big and small and getting fumigated in most cases – but we have all survived to tell the tale. However, I really think you might be better having a look around to see what alternative accommodation is out there. These events might be doing you a favour in the long run. Hope you can resolve some of your problems and have a good weekend.

  2. Oh girl. I know how you feel. In my undergrad days, I killed more roaches than I could count. One time I was sitting on the couch, looked over, and saw a cockroach sitting on my shoulder STARING at me. So not funny at the time, but I can laugh about it now.

    I hope everything works out.

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