Day 152 – New Apartment Search?!?!?

Looks like we are not getting a new fence anytime soon and may lose access to our backyard entirely. We’ve heard rumours of a court battle and a potential lawsuit in the works, neither of which gives me much hope that this issue will be resolved anytime soon.

I wish I could let this roll off my shoulders and still enjoy our apartment and the backyard while we have it, but I find it very stressful. It stresses me out to the point that we are starting to talk about finding a new apartment. Our long term goal is to buy something, but with my Italy trip in the works and a wedding next year, buying something is not in our immediate future.

This saga is definitely not over and I’m sure to have updates soon. Regardless we are going to have to make some decisions and quick.

With all of this drama, I’ll be taking a mini blogging break for the weekend. My goal is to relax and enjoy myself. See you again on Monday.

Curious to read more about our ongoing apartment/landlord drama, check out these posts from the past 25 days.


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