Day 150 – When do you really feel like an adult?

I recently turned 32 and still find myself wondering, when will I feel like a Real Adult?

I started thinking about it again today as I was putting on lipstick. Sounds stupid, but it’s something I rarely, to never do, and associate it very much with being grown up / adult.

Over the years I’ve had many milestones that I previously thought would make me feel this way like an adult, but alas nothing.

  • Moving out of my parents house
  • My first apartment
  • A permanent full-time job
  • Couch / furniture not purchased at IKEA
  • Get an RRSP

I’m convinced now that I won’t feel like a real adult until we get married, buy a house and have kids or some combo of the three.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Does anyone ever really feel like an adult?


2 thoughts on “Day 150 – When do you really feel like an adult?

  1. Question is do you really want to feel like an adult??? Thinking about it sometimes I feel like an adult when people address me as Mrs.

  2. My new years resolution was the wear lipstick everyday. It makes me feel more like a woman then an adult. lol But a mature and ladylike women

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