Day 145 – Apartment Drama

The apartment drama continues. Last night I was relaxing on the couch when I started hearing loud noises in the backyard. Upon investigation I found a man tearing out the fence in between our backyard area and the neighbours (same landlord). The man indicated that our landlord asked him to fix the fence, although ripping it out isn’t exactly fixing it, but with all of the work happening around the building, it seemed kind of legit.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I called the old and new landlord (sale in progress – so 2 landlords, twice the fun) and neither of them new anything about it.

Turns out the man has some beef with our old landlord and tearing out the fence without permission, somehow made sense to him.

Oddly, I feel kind of violated, first to be lied to and then to have our privacy taken away. Sounds like a replacement fence will be installed shortly, until then we wait.

Wonder what fun apartment landlord drama will be next.

BEFORE – The backyard last year around this time of year

AFTER – no fence so you can clearly see the neighbours disarray of a backyard.


2 thoughts on “Day 145 – Apartment Drama

  1. Snap – we have just had a similar experience in our back garden – our neighbours had grown a large evergreen hedge between us where the solid fence stopped short of the house and to our surprise they had it completely removed while we were out shopping last weekend and now we have a good view of their bin and rubbish! If I get chance I will be posting a picture on my blog – though I think your new view is probably much worse than ours. Hope you get a nice new fence out of the drama.

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