Day 143 – Wedding DJ vs Live Band

On Saturday we went to a wedding for one of Chris’ cousins. I love Italian weddings, the food is always really good, the bar is open (ie. free) and the selection of alcohol is amazing (ie. how many weddings can you go to where you can order Campari and soda and no one bats an eye).

With Chris and I getting married next year, I view weddings in an entirely different light. I can’t help but take stock with everything I see, hear and taste, and think about what would I do, wouldn’t do or would do differently.

Last night was the first wedding I have been to with a live band. While the band was good, they only played music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, catering to a some of the guests more than others. The band also plugged their website on numerous occasions and at one point gave out free CDs which I thought was a bit odd at a wedding.

Last night confirmed for us that we will be getting a DJ for our wedding. We both love to dance and having a variety of music that everyone can enjoy and dance to is really important to us. We have been tossing around the idea of asking guests to submit their favorite song (to dance to) as part of their RSVP so that we can stack the playlist and have an all night dance party.

*** Warning to potential guests, if you submit a song, I’ll be watching you to make sure that you hit the dance floor immediately after your song starts to play.

I tried to discretely take a picture of the band, it’s not a great picture, but it gives you an idea of what the band was like.

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