Day 129 – A leisurely lunch

In honour of Mother’s Day we invited Chris’ parents over for a long, leisurely, home cooked lunch.

If my parents lived closer, we would have invited them as well. They are a 3.5 hour plane ride away, so I celebrated with my mom via a video skype chat instead.

Lunch was delicious. Chris organized all of the food, while I did dessert.

We started with antipasti (bread, olives, proscuitto, bruschetta, cheese).

Then Chris made one of my favorite Jamie Oliver dishes ‘spaghetti con gamberetti e rucola‘ (spaghetti with shrimpa and arugula). I love, love, love this dish. I make it as well and love that it is super simple to cook. It is usually a crowd pleaser, so I highly recommend that you check out the recipe and make it asap.

I made dessert – an apple tart from smitten kitchen. I don’t have a tart pan so I  make it gellete-style (i.e. without a tart pan). Regardless of how you make it, it is a great way to have apple pie, but with half of the effort.

This is the 2nd time that I’ve made this and forgotten to take a picture of it finished. Go to the Smitten Kitchen website for pictures and the recipe.


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