Day 127 – Ugh the bathroom reno

It has only been 3 days and I am getting fed up of living through this bathroom renovation. I don’t know how people live through a whole house reno, I think I’d go crazy.

The hard part is that we have no control over what is happening – we are just renters. On Wednesday we were told everything would be finished on Friday, today we were told Tuesday, who knows what they will say on Tuesday.

Our new landlord isn’t very forthcoming about timing. I’m hoping it is because her foreman isn’t keeping her in the loop and not because she is going to be a shitty landlord.

Progress to date – the tiles, fixtures, fan, new (ugly) light and thermostat were installed, the grout is finished, the tub was sealed, and the walls are almost ready for paint.

I can’t wait for Tuesday. I miss having my shower, baths make my pruny.

Day 1                                         Day 2                                        Day 3 (today)

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