Day 123 – Craft Beer Night at our House

Tonight we are having a few people over for food (Mexican) and craft beer. I thought it would fun to organize a taste testing of sorts.

We have 7 different craft beers from around the world to sample. We found most of them at Premiere Gourmet on a recent road trip to Buffalo, NY and the rest were bought at the LCBO.

Out of all of the beers, I am most excited to try the Japanese Ginger Beer. This is either a beer that you will love or hate.

After sampling all of the beers my top 3 beers are in the middle of the picture, they are:

  1. Hitachino Nest Beer Real Ginger Beer
  2. Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale.
  3. The Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre

All 3 beers were quite different than anything I have tasted, which is why they stood out for me. Sadly I can’t find any of these beers at the LCBO. I will have to reserve them for special occasions (ie. the next trip to Buffalo).  My favorite beer from the LCBO was the Lake of Bays – Mocha Porter.

As for the other guests, the CB’s Double Dark Cream Porter and the Lake of Bays Mocha Porter were their favorites out of all 7 beers.


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