Day 122 – The Waterfront Adventure

I took my dad on a tour of Toronto’s waterfront today.  It was the perfect day for  long walk.

We started on the westerly edge at H2O park and made our way all the east to Sherbourne Common. It ended up being a bit of an exploration of all of the waterfront parks with a stop at the Harbourfront Centre to see the Queen’s Jubilee Exhibit and at Against the Grain for a bite to eat. We had a lot of fun being tourists for the afternoon, which included taking a lot of pictures.

The day isn’t over yet…. we got home a little while ago and might head out soon for gelato at La Paloma (the best gelateria outside of Italy!).

H2O Park
Tourist Photo #1 (dad and the CN tower)
Can you spot the undulating boardwalk?
An excerpt from ‘Coastal‘ by Johan Hallberg-Campbell
The photo on the right really spoke to me. It is a picture of a note on a door to a cottage/cabin in Newfoundland. It reads…
‘Take anything you want – it’s free now. We’d appreciate you leaving the cabin itself in good  shape. We may be back some day. Best wishes and good health. The Jensons’
Porcelain Vintage Jars  Series, 2012  by Claire Madill  – I am a sucker for anything to do with mason jars. 
My Dad checking out the piece by the Department of Unusual Certainties aka DoUC in the Jubilee exhibition (it was nice to see it in person and not just on Chris’ computer or website). 
Sugar Beach 
Late lunch break at Against the Grain. It was really nice to stop for a bite and a beer along the water.  
Against the Grain is located in the Corus building along the waterfront. We were able to peak into their office space, and yes, this is exactly what it looks like… a slide in an office. I am super jealous!
Sherbourne Common – the fancy arm like structures are waterfalls in the summer. Curious to come again when they are working. 
A little bit of adult fun at Sherbourne Common – it spins! 
I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my dad against this graffiti wall – it’s my favorite photo of the day.

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