Day 119 – Wvrst

My dad arrived today from Saskatchewan for a short vacation. It’s always my mission to take visitors, especially my parents, to interesting restaurants, places and types of food that they might not have easy access to living in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Tonight we headed to Wvrst, a newish restaurant on King Street West in Toronto. It is known as a sausage hall with a great selection of craft beer. We sampled an amazing Porter from a Quebec brewery called Les Trois Mousquetaires called Porter Balitique.

I am really loving Porter style beers these days.

This in only day one of my dad’s visit, more fun to come.


2 thoughts on “Day 119 – Wvrst

  1. It looks an interesting place although being vegetarian I would of course skip the sausages!! We have lots of independent small Brewers in England making what they call ‘real ale’- there is one in the next village to us operating from a small shed! Have a great time with your dad – I will be popping back for an update of your adventures after our weekend away.

    • Oddly enough Wvrst has received positive compliments from my vegetarian friends. They have 3 or 4 veggie sausage options on the menu.

      I love that you have a brewer close by operating out of a small shed – sounds like an amazing sight.

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