Day 117 – Ketchup Chip Addiction

I couldn’t decide what to write about tonight – my new potato chip addiction or dinner. Chip addiction wins.

You know when people ask – are you a salty or sweet person – I always say sweet. I could eat a cake and bags full of 5 cent candies and I would be in heaven. However the longer I avoid eating sugar (ie. lent) the more salt I crave. I recently started buying chips as a snack to have around the house. I don’t devour chips like I do sweets, so normally it’s a safe bet.

I recently discovered Loads of Ketchup chips by President’s Choice and I’m hooked. Every chip is coated in ketchupy goodness – every chip!!!!! No more searching in the bag for the perfectly coated red ketchup chip, no more tossing the white ones aside, because every chip has 2 or 3 coats of ketchup flavour – they are addictive. Addictive to the point that Chris doesn’t even know I bought some the other day. I’ve pretty much eaten the whole bag by myself – eek. I need to find a way to avoid the chip isle at the grocery store and stop buying chips otherwise I’ll gain 10 pounds before summer even starts.


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