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Day 115 – Relaxing on a Sunday

Yesterday was a busy day – hence no blog post. We spent most of the day/evening at Chris’ parents in Mississauga.

My plan for today was to relax as much as possible, do some reading and then cook a nice dinner.

I spent a few hours this afternoon at my favorite cafe – Crema – in the Junction. I swear they make the best coffee in the city. During lent, I kept dreaming about having one of their lattes – today was my first one in a few months and it did not disappoint.

Book club is in t- 3 sleeps so I am still reading the Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. I made a bit more progress this afternoon but I still have a ways to go. So far I am really enjoying it and would highly recommend it.

Tonight I am making Ratatouille for dinner. I saw the recipe on one of my new favorite blogs – eat and relish – and have been itching to try it. You can find pictures and the recipe on the eat and relish blog.


2 thoughts on “Day 115 – Relaxing on a Sunday

    • Thanks. Their latte’s are seriously delicious – rich and creamy no bitterness within a mile of the cup. As for the ratatouille, we ate it with crusty bread and poached eggs and it was delicious. I plan on making it again soon and testing it out with pasta. Thanks again for the posting the recipe and the beautiful pictures.

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